We believe that membership in the North American Society of Pipe Collectors (NASPC) is a terrific deal for the cost. The major benefit of NASPC membership is, of course, receiving NASPC’s newsletter, The Pipe Collector (TPC). Our newsletter, which is really more of a magazine, is published six times a year, and issues have been running at least 44 pages. TPC is professionally laid out and printed. Articles are written by NASPC members, many of them well-know voices in the pipe-collecting field, others just average members who have something important to say and can say it well.

Other advantages to a NASPC membership are the chance to purchase the NASPC Pipe of the Year, discounts offered to NASPC members by many shops and businesses, and the chance to attend the annual NASPC swap/sell show in Columbus each year and to purchase the annual NASPC Hobbit tobacco and t-shirt.

For 2015, NASPC dues are $18 for U.S. members, $25 for Canadian members, and $40 for overseas members. We also have 3 year membership packages available. In addition, NASPC offers the opportunity to receive an email of each issue of TPC in pdf format anywhere in the world for $10 a year. Dues can be paid with a check to NASPC or via PayPal at

NASPC currently stands at 1067 members, and we continue to grow. We invite you to join us. If you are undecided, you can receive a back issue of the TPC by sending a request to Jeff Knoll

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NASPC Membership
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NASPC Membership

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NASPC Membership
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NASPC Membership
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