Newsletter Back Issues For Sale
Back copies of the newsletter: II-3, III-1/4, IV-1/4, V-I/4 (all issues $1.25 each); VI-1/5, VII-1/5, VIII-1/6, IX-1/6, X-1/6, XI-1/6, XII-1/6, XIII-1/6, XIV-1/-6, XV-1/6, XVI-I/6, XVII-1/6; XVIII-1/6; XIX-1/6; XX-1/6 (all issues $2.25 each). Postage included.
2010 - 2013 Pipe Collector pdf emailed back issues: $5 per year ordered.
Full Color round NASPC stickers $3.75 each postage included.
Profiles of American Pipe Makers: Steve & Roswitha Anderson, Al Baier, Paul Bonaquisti, John Eells, David Jones, Ed Jurkiewicz, Sam Learned, Mark Tinsky, Trever Talbert, Steve Weiner, Tim West. $1 each. Postage included. .
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